“Garmin Autoland will totally change how aviation goes forward.” – Onie Irvine, co-owner of SI Property Investments LLC

Business owners David and Onie Irvine rely on their Piper M600/SLS to get them quickly and safely from their base of operations near Grand Lake in Oklahoma to the medical office properties they manage across four Midwestern states.

“On a routine basis, we travel to each of our facilities once a month, so the aircraft allows us to visit two or three facilities in one day and be home in time for dinner,” says David, who learned to fly for his business and now logs 200-300 hours a year in the cockpit. “Having an airplane is vital because we can get to any of our properties in very short order. There have been times we’ve left El Dorado, Arkansas, and ended up in Junction City, Kansas, which is eight or nine hours by car, but only an hour and a half by airplane.”

Garmin Autoland was the driving factor behind their recent step up from an M600 to the brand-new M600/SLS – the first general aviation aircraft on the market equipped with self-landing technology for emergencies. “I love the Autoland,” Onie says regarding the industry-changing innovation. “I know a little about flying, but I’m not a pilot, so I don’t think I could get the plane safely on the ground without it.” Piper’s HALO Safety System with Garmin Autoland gives Onie peace of mind. If David were to experience a medical emergency while flying alone, “he can push a button, and it will get him on the ground safely. This will totally change how aviation goes forward.”

While the Autoland technology was a key factor in the Irvine’s decision to upgrade to an M600/SLS, so was the service and support they receive from the team at KCAC Aviation. Downtime can cripple a business that relies on its aircraft, so working with an efficient and dependable maintenance and support team is an integral part of their ownership experience. “Whatever it is, they get us in and right back out,” Onie says. “They’ve taken incredibly wonderful care of the airplane and us.” “KCAC has been fantastic to work with,” adds David. “The whole team has been phenomenal. We couldn’t have asked for more.”

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