Piper Aircraft

A Piper plane for every need

Founded in 1937 as the Piper Aircraft Corporation, Piper Aircraft has made a reputation for themselves throughout the years as being one of the few general aviation manufacturers to offer a very diverse line of aircraft. From reliable trainers to high-performance turboprops, Piper Aircraft gives everyone the freedom of flight.

Based in Vero Beach, Florida, Piper Aircraft has a rich history in the aviation industry. Piper Aircraft offers multiple aircraft options to fit your business needs and still embodies the true spirit of aviation through its current line of aircraft.

Discover how the M-Class helps grow your business

Piper Aircraft has built revolutionary planes throughout the years including its current Piper M-Class line – the M350 and M700 Fury. Each plane solves specific business needs.

  • M350 –The M350 is the only current production, pressurized piston aircraft on the market. It provides an efficient way for smaller businesses to manage expansion to multiple locations.
  • M700 Fury – The latest addition to the Piper Aircraft fleet, the M700 Fury will earn a place in your heart and soul. Sleek, fast and efficient with the latest technology and safety features, including Garmin Autoland and Autothrottle. Finely appointed interior for six. Style and innovation defined – All backed by legendary Piper Support.

As Piper Aircraft’s authorized distributor in Arkansas, Colorado, Kansas, Missouri and Oklahoma, KCAC Aviation will help you discover the best Piper M-Class aircraft to fit your business needs. Contact your KCAC Piper Sales Director for more information.

Piper Aircraft for sale

KCAC has a long history of success as a Piper Aircraft dealer, having sold the versatile line of aircraft since 1966. Using our time-proven expertise, we’ll work with you to review your typical travel requirements, narrow down the options and select the best aircraft for your mission profile.

From aircraft management to maintenance, KCAC will help you reduce the cost of aircraft ownership while capitalizing on access to more than 5,ooo airports in the U.S. Contact your KCAC Piper Sales Director

“This will totally change how aviation goes forward”

Onie & David Irvine, Grove, OK
Co-Owners, SI Property Investments LLC, Piper M600/SLS, Owners

Piper M700 Fury

The latest addition to the Piper Aircraft fleet, the M700 Fury has inherited all the finer qualities of its M-Class predecessors while providing the perfect balance of performance, affordability and safety.


  • Engine: Pratt & Whitney PT6A-52 – Flat-Rated Horsepower at 700 SHP
  • Propeller: Hartzell 5-Blade Constant Speed Fully Reversible
  • 30% Improved Climb Rate of over 2,000 FPM
  • 20% Shorter Takeoff Distance (Over 50′ Obstacle) – 1,994 ft
  • 20% Shorter Landing Distance (Over 50′ Obstacle) – 1,950 ft
  • Over 300 Knot Max Cruise Speed


Piper and Garmin rewrote the book on flying “safely” with the introduction of Piper’s M600/SLS, equipped with the HALO Safety System, featuring Garmin’s Autoland technology. This technology autonomously lands your airplane in an emergency simply with the push of a button. Once activated, either by a passenger or automatically, the HALO Safety System gains immediate situational awareness and assumes control of all the systems needed to safely land the aircraft at the nearest suitable airport. In the event of an emergency, the HALO Safety System takes care of everything for you, from communicating with the control tower right down to shutting off the engine once you’ve rolled safely to a stop.

Because your safety isn’t optional, Piper’s HALO Safety System Included Standard on Piper M700 Fury includes:

  • Garmin Autoland
  • Auto Throttle
  • Hypoxia Recognition with Automatic Descent Mode
  • Electronic Stability and Protection (ESP)
  • Automatic Level Mode (Blue Button)
  • Synthetic Vision
  • SafeTaxi™
  • TerminalTraffic™
  • Surface Watch
  • Flight Stream 510


Garmin PlaneSync is also standard in the M700 Fury. PlaneSync enables you remote access to your aircraft systems and perform remote database updates when connected to LTE or Wi-Fi (data plan required).

  • Garmin GFC 700 Digital Autopilot
  • Dual GTC 575 Touchscreen Cockpit Management Units
  • GMA 36B Digital Audio Panel
  • GTX 345D Diversity Transponder (ADS-B “In/Out”)
  • GWX 75 Weather Radar
  • GI 275 Standby Attitude Indicator
  • Integrated Digital Cabin Pressurization
  • PiperAire Air Conditioning
  • Flight Into Known icing (FIKI)



  • Exclusive Paint Schemes
  • Bold Color Options


  • Various Interior Palettes with Custom Elements Like Stitching, Embroidery, Premium Leathers and Enhanced Trim Options

You’ll fly with more confidence knowing you’re self-landing aircraft is backed by the excellent support teams at both Piper and KCAC Aviation. Piper’s Ultimate Care Program includes all scheduled maintenance as well as hourly and calendar-based inspections for the first five years.

The M700 Fury features:

  • Spacious six-place cabin, with the most comfortable interior yet
  • Premium Interior Package (standard equipment)
  • Pratt & Whitney PT6A-52 700 shp engine
  • Max cruise speed of 301 ktas
  • Max Range of 1,852 nm
  • Standard useful load of 2,220 lbs.
  • Garmin G3000 Avionics Suite
  • Piper 5-Year Ultimate Care Program

Whether you travel for business, pleasure or both, KCAC wants to put you at the controls of one of the safest general aviation aircraft ever offered.

Interested in learning more about the Piper M700 Fury  and its industry leading safety features? Preview the M700 Fury brochure or contact KCAC’s Piper Sales Director today at 913.324.1208 or email at ddewalt@kcac.com

Piper M350

Technology, safety and stature in one aircraft

Piper Aircraft’s M350 takes you to a whole new level of flying, as the only pressurized six-place piston-engine aircraft in its class. With standard dual turbochargers, unmatched performance, avionics and safety features, the M350 provides exceptional quality at a superior value.

The M350 features:

  • Turbocharged Lycoming TIO-540-AE2A (350 hp) engine
  • Impressive 213 ktas cruising speed
  • Max range of 1,343 nm
  • Max approved altitude of 25,000 ft.

Garmin G1000 NXi Integrated Flight Deck features:

  • Brighter and sharper displays
  • Wireless cockpit connectivity
  • Geographical map overlay in HSI
  • SurfaceWatch runway monitoring
  • Vertical Situation Display for terrain profile view
  • Synthetic Vision
  • Preview arrival and departure procedures
  • Faster system software upgrades

Visit Piper Aircraft for a virtual tour of the cockpit and to learn more about the additional safety features.

The M350 brings serious sophistication in line with a hard-working, easy-flying airplane, as well as a comfortable six-seat interior.

The aircraft’s impressive range lets you travel long distances, including from Chicago to Salt Lake or Philadelphia to Orlando. This is accomplished at altitudes above most weather, providing comfort during every leg of your journey.

The next level of flying

Piper Aircraft’s M350 offers a higher level of elegance, a higher level of engineering, a higher level of confidence.

When you’re ready for pressurization, the Piper M350 is your best choice. A pressurized piston aircraft, the Piper M350 prepares you to step up through Piper Aircraft’s M-Class family. For many pilots, the M350 is their first step in a journey toward a more powerful M700 Fury aircraft.

Learn more about Piper M350 for sale and let KCAC Aviation help you pinpoint the best M-Class aircraft for your needs. As one of Piper Aircraft’s oldest dealers, KCAC Aviation knows the power of a Piper aircraft to elevate your business and flight experience. Contact your KCAC Piper Sales Director for more information.

Review the Piper M350 brochure for further details.


Other Piper Aircraft

Providing value and variety to fit your aviation needs

In addition to Piper’s fleet of M-Class aircraft, Piper has a long history with trainers, unpressurized cabin aircraft and twin-engine aircraft. These aircraft provide a comfortable and powerful alternative, with significantly reduced ownership and operating costs over its competitors. Whatever your business or personal aviation needs are, Piper offers a variety of aircraft to fill those needs.

Take flight with the Archer

Equipped with a 180 HP Lycoming engine and an advanced Garmin G1000 Avionics Suite, the Archer is a modern and reliable aircraft to both launch pilots’ flying careers and travel cross-country. The Archer offers numerous options and upgrades, and is ready to fit any private pilot’s or company’s needs.

Piper trainers offer higher learning

The Piper trainer family also includes the Seminole, Archer and Pilot 100i. To provide consistent training, they support Garmin avionics. The Seminole and Archer have the advanced G1000 NXi, while the Pilot 100i offers the G3X Touch avionics. These trainers build off of the strengths of Pipers legacy aircraft and can provide you and your business with powerful value propositions, flight after flight.

Learn more about Piper Aircraft and let KCAC Aviation help you pinpoint the best aircraft for your needs. As one of Piper Aircraft’s oldest dealers, KCAC Aviation knows the power of a Piper Aircraft to elevate your business and flight experience.