Pilatus Carries On Heritage Of “Swiss Made”

The phrase “Swiss made” is synonymous with quality, precision and functionality. With a long heritage in manufacturing and craftsmanship, products created in Switzerland epitomize the highest standards in reliability, stability and attention to detail.

Pilatus aircraft are no exception. Manufactured in Switzerland, Pilatus holds the same trademarks of all Swiss made goods. No feature is overlooked, no feat of engineering too great for the engineers behind these powerful aircraft.

In developing the PC-12 NGX and the new super versatile jet, the PC-24, the craftsman at Pilatus strive to create the finest aircraft, focused on manufacturing excellence, old-world craftsmanship and the pursuit of precision. Pilatus owners enjoy the aircraft’s refined styling and steadfast performance. And the unique combination of Swiss engineering and craftsmanship creates an incomparable flight experience.

Built on a Heritage of Swiss Manufacturing

Watches. Chocolate. Cheese. Each of these Swiss-manufactured products, lives up to its reputation for exceptional quality. Since the 15th century, when Swiss watches first emerged, Switzerland has been known for its manufacturing practices. Pilatus upholds this heritage of manufacturing distinction. In fact, many second- and third-generation employees work at Pilatus, bringing with them the knowledge and know-how of their ancestors before them. From efficiency to versatility, they create aircraft that meet the highest standards of excellence.

Created Using Old-world Craftsmanship

Pilatus merges state-of-the-art technology with traditional Swiss craftsmanship to create extraordinary aircraft. Nowhere can this craftsmanship be seen more than in a Pilatus cabin. From the custom leatherwork, to the rare-wood cabinetry and fine upholstery, the manufacturer’s attention to detail shines through. Each piece is crafted to meet customer requirements, with both form and function taking front seat.

Committed to the Pursuit of Precision

Pilatus boasts of its reputation for “over-engineered precision.” The manufacturer’s engineers meticulously inspect each component to ensure it will deliver the best results and performance for customers. And, Pilatus aircraft live up to these high standards of precision and quality. Each aircraft is designed with customer feedback and mission completion in mind. The Pilatus PC-12 NGX and PC-24 take engineering to a higher level, while keeping functionality and safety first and foremost.

When you purchase a Pilatus aircraft you gain a plane with all the hallmarks of a Swiss-made product – dependability, quality and performance. To learn more about Pilatus and how a PC-12 or PC-24 can take your business to new heights, contact the KCAC sales team at 913.324.1250.