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The benefits of private aviation are vast. Efficiency and time savings may be the greatest advantage offered by flying private. However, there are a host of additional benefits that lead to a better quality of life for those flying charter or on a personal or business aircraft.

Consider these 10 benefits of private aviation the next time you contemplate flying commercial or private. The outcomes may lead to increased happiness.

10 Reasons to Fly Private

  1. Fly where you want. When you want. On your schedule.
  2. Finding commercial travel times that get you to your destination when you want can be challenging. You end up going in a day early or flying home a day late to ensure you make your meeting on time and have enough hours on the ground to conduct business.

    With private aviation, you schedule your departure at the time convenient for you. If a meeting runs late, you don’t have to stress about making it to the airport two-hours in advance. The plane leaves when you leave.

  3. Avoid long lines and TSA pat-downs.
  4. Major airports, including LaGuardia, O’Hare, and Miami International Airport are known for long wait times and security headaches. With private aviation, you’ll avoid shuffling through security, sans shoes, like a cattle call. You won’t have to take your laptop out of your bag or risk a luggage search or pat-down.

  5. You know who you’re sitting with.
  6. We’ve all been there. You take your seat on a commercial aircraft and the person next to you starts to sneeze. Her germs spread rapidly in the tight cabin. Or the toddler behind you kicks your seat incessantly. His well-meaning parents work to settle him down, but are unsuccessful. Or you get stuck next to a talker. You know – that person who loves to strike up a conversation even when you make it obvious you need to get back to business.

    When you charter a flight, or travel on a private aircraft, you know exactly who will be on the plane with you. Even if you get stuck with a talker – at least you know the person and can likely redirect them while you get back to business. Or, better yet, hold a business conversation that would have had to happen later if not for your private flight.

  7. Your luggage claim is at the back of the aircraft.
  8. After hours of flying, you exit your commercial flight, wind through the airport to luggage claim and wait. “Did my bag make it?” “Was anything damaged in transit?” “I hope nothing was stolen out of my luggage.” These questions may float through your mind as you stand wondering when the baggage carousel will begin spinning.

    There is a better way. Don’t waste time waiting for your luggage, questioning if the contents made it to your final destination. With private aviation, you see your luggage go onto the plane and collect it at your arrival city.

  9. Stay fully connected while in the air.
  10. While many commercial airlines now offer inflight Wi-Fi, it’s often an upcharge. And if your device runs low on battery, you’re out of luck. Most private aircraft now have charging stations with USB ports or plug ins and you can stay connected via both phone and Internet.

  11. Avoid rubbery airplane chicken.
  12. That is, if you even get a meal. On most commercial airlines, you’re lucky to get a bag of peanuts. Cater your food onboard and eat a real meal. You’ll avoid that “hangry” feeling and be fueled to take on your business meeting or vacation schedule when you arrive at your destination.

  13. Bring your gear onboard.
  14. Heading to Arizona on a golf trip, or Utah for a weekend on the slopes? Don’t worry about extra charges for checked baggage or damage to your sporting equipment. Just take it onboard your private aircraft.

    Traveling for business and transporting expensive equipment? No problem on a private flight. You won’t have to worry about getting your equipment through security or having it damaged
    en route. The piece of mind created in knowing your equipment will be in the same shape when it arrives as when you loaded it onto the aircraft is immeasurable.

  15. Fido rides in style, too.
  16. Flying with your pet on a commercial flight is no joyride for your pet either. In fact, it can be dangerous. For pets flying in the cargo hold of a commercial aircraft, stress can be high and there is the potential for complications. Keep your pet with you on a private flight and ensure their well-being every leg of your journey.

  17. Protect your privacy.
  18. When having a conversation, or working on sensitive documents on a commercial flight, you never know who might be able to eaves drop or peek over your shoulder. That could be a competitor sitting behind you.

    Since you know who is on the aircraft with you when flying private, you don’t have to worry about who may overhear your conversation or gain access to your documents.

  19. Experience maximum cabin comfort.
  20. With an average of 31-32 inches of leg room between rows, seating can be tight on a commercial aircraft. Add in non-ergonomic seats and if you’re on a lengthy flight, your body may start to feel the constraints. With the lumbar support, additional padding and other creature comforts offered on a private aircraft you will arrive at your destination refreshed and ready for what’s next.

Private aviation opens a new world of comfort and ease. If you travel routinely, benefits that make for a more enjoyable travel experience increase in importance. Take back control of your travel, and experience all the benefits private aviation offers.

For more information on private travel options and the benefits of private business aviation visit our charter services page.

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