Protect Your Aircraft from the Elements

Your aircraft can be subjected to a variety of weather conditions from UV exposure to salt water and even wind whipped particles. To protect your airplane from these elements, coatings are applied to help prevent corrosion and metal damage. While layers of paint coatings are a start, your paint needs protection too.

Permagard is one such example of a coating that provides a superior protective finish and is designed to meet the high standards of the aviation industry. Permagard products work by establishing a long-lasting, protective barrier for your aircraft against harsh environmental elements, while creating a wet-look effect and improving aerodynamic performance. This environmentally safe coating is engineered to enhance and maintain a like-new appearance for your aircraft, thereby reducing cleaning time and costs, as well as the down time required for frequent washes.


Permagard contains a reactive polymer that creates a locking effect between positively and negatively charged molecules deep within the porous paint surface. This reactive polymer works to bond and lock the coating to the paint. Most wipe-on waxes and sealants will not chemically bond with the paint and so they are quick to wear off leaving no protective coating at all.


For years, a number of major airliners have been using Permagard products to protect both the interiors and exteriors of their fleet. Once applied, the products create a three-dimensional appearance with gloss levels more brilliant than those of brand new paint. Because the Permagard coating bonds with the paint, the application will work to repel water and help protect the coated surface from corrosion. The brilliant surface that is created by applying Permagard is also instrumental in protecting your aircraft from fading due to damaging UV rays. The self-cleaning properties even help to repel contaminants such as bugs, runway debris and even hydraulic fluid which, in turn, aides in reducing drag and can save thousands of dollars in fuel.

Another noteworthy advantage of this product is the life that it adds to the paint. The exterior of the aircraft is protected for a longer period of time maintaining a like-new appearance.

To learn more about protecting your aircraft with Permagard, contact KCAC Aviation at 913.324.1250.


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