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Pre-Owned Inventory

Purchasing a pre-owned aircraft is an excellent way to experience the benefits of private aviation at an economical price-point. When looking at the costs to acquire and operate an aircraft, pre-owned aircraft often have a significant cash advantage. In addition, when you look at revenue growth for companies who utilize private aviation, the numbers speak for themselves.

Businesses that utilize private aviation see many benefits:

  • Increased access to customers, suppliers and remote locations
  • A decrease in employee burnout, as trips take less time and accomplish more
  • The ability to respond to new business pitches at a moment’s notice, avoiding long lines and delays associated with commercial aviation

The purchase of a used aircraft can also have significant tax benefits, including straight-line depreciation or MACRS depreciation.

Reduce the cost of aircraft ownership

KCAC offers full aircraft management services to help you offset the cost of ownership. Let KCAC put your used aircraft to work for you as part of our charter program. KCAC Aviation’s management services provide a hassle-free ownership experience and provide you the support needed to own an aircraft.

Available pre-owned aircraft inventory

For questions on available inventory or for information on brokering an aircraft, contact one of our knowledgeable sales team members to find the pre-owned aircraft that best fits your business needs.