After the Purchase – Managing Your Aircraft

Leave Aircraft Management To The Experts

After careful consideration, you take the plunge into aircraft ownership. You are set to reap the rewards of private business aviation. But wait. How you manage your aircraft can have a direct impact on the benefits gleaned from this powerful business tool.

If you’re not in the business of aircraft management, arranging the necessary components to keep your aircraft working for you can drain your resources. Instead of providing a stress-free travel experience, you’ve now added work to your already busy schedule.

You must determine:

  • Where your aircraft will be hangared?
  • Who manages the maintenance schedule?
  • Who flies the aircraft if you are not a pilot, or not available to fly?
  • How you can earn additional revenue when you are not using your aircraft?

Working with a team of professionals who provide aircraft management services helps you answer these questions and more. Aircraft management services make aircraft ownership even easier and allow you to gain the most benefit from your purchase.

The Case For Aircraft Management

Since the recession, companies have worked to do more with less. Executives and managers are spread thin, often taking on additional workloads. By purchasing an aircraft, you’ve given your company an important “leg-up” that allows you to grow your business and maintain key talent through efficient travel.

However, if owning an aircraft begins to limit your personal productivity, or if you spend too much time monitoring flight hours, ensuring proper and timely maintenance is completed, booking pilots and more, you begin to negate some of the time benefits that drove you to utilize private aviation in the first place.

“Through management services, we take our clients out of the aircraft management business,” said Tony Mateer, director of operations at KCAC. “If you are not familiar with the aircraft management process, do what you do best and let us do what we do best. We’ll manage your aircraft maintenance, hire and schedule pilots, even put your plane on our fleet insurance policy if you elect to charter your aircraft. All you have to do is give us a call, and we’ll get you to your destination.”

Experience The Benefits Of Aircraft Management

One of the greatest benefits of aircraft management is the access you gain to skilled pilots. You will never worry about who will fly your aircraft with aircraft management. If one pilot is ill or on vacation, a backup can fly your mission. It’s all about convenience and savings. You leverage pilots who are vetted, paid, managed and scheduled through the management process. The management team oversees pilot certifications and training to ensure the safety of all passengers.

“When you hire the aircraft management team at KCAC, you hire 10 pilots, 10 mechanics, avionics experts and line service professionals,” explained Mateer. “You’ve essentially created a corporate flight department without the added chore of managing that department.”

Scheduling and handling all routine and required maintenance servicesalso comes standard with aircraft management services. Aircraft management oversees the maintenance schedule, tracks flight hours, and performs both planned and unplanned maintenance repairs. This saves you significant time.

As an added bonus, if your management team services your aircraft at a Federal Aviation Administration (FAA) Part-145 certified repair station, you gain an additional layer of security. There is no greater benefit than peace of mind in the sky. Plus, the thorough documentation and high standard of care provided by a Part-145 repair station can impact an aircraft’s resale value and longevity.

In addition to managing your aircraft’s maintenance program and providing pilots, other key advantages of aircraft management include:

  • Aircraft storage: Where to house your aircraft can often be an afterthought. When looking at aircraft management services, discuss hangar options to find the best fit for your aircraft and flight needs.
  • Trip planning: From lodging and ground transportation to catering, your management team can provide concierge services to ensure your trip goes smoothly.
  • Charter options: Adding your aircraft to a FAA Part-135 charter certificate is an ideal way to earn additional revenue when you are not utilizing your plane. By adding your aircraft as a charter solution for others to utilize, you keep your plane working for you.

Purchasing your aircraft is only the first step in maximizing your time and gaining the efficiencies of private travel. Aircraft management services provide a worry-free aircraft ownership experience by taking care of pilots, maintenance, storage and charter for you, among other valuable ancillary services.

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